How To Organize Your Negative Film For A Scanning Project

If you don't want to spend hours organizing your negatives, then here's what I'll do for you...

1. You'll Get A Contact Sheet Of Your Scans

a contact sheet of negative scans

A Contact Sheet is a thumbnail view of your scans at low resolution. You can then pick which ones you want rejected. The rejected scans will be saved under a “Rejects” folder. And they are no cost.

Here are the details...

  • Each exposure will be scanned, and you'll get a “Contact Sheet”
  • A Contact Sheet is a thumbnail view of your negatives, at low resolution
  • You can pick out the ones you don't want, and the rejected images will be put in a different folder
  • You can keep the rejected scans at no cost
  • The ones you want to keep will be scanned at full resolution, and fixed in Photoshop

Don't want to pick through a Contact Sheet? Here that's next...

2. The Easy Way Where You Don't Do Anything

If you don't want to spend time looking at Contact Sheets, let me use my discretion. I will pick out the images that are worth keeping. And save any unwanted scans and put them in the Rejects folder (no cost).

And remember, all scanning is guaranteed 100%. You don't get the bill until you've seen all your scans are are 100% satisfied.

Rejected negative scans are no charge
Example of rejected negative scan. These images are no charge. And placed in a "Rejected" folder

So if there are any scans you thought should have been rejected, no worries, they will be no charge.

3. If You Don't Mind Taking The Time To Organize Your Own Negatives

Here are some tips to make your job easier...

Every negative strip has about 4 – 6 exposures. And if you look closely, each exposure is labeled. Have a look...

Every negative has an exposure number you can note down
Each negative strip has about 6 exposures, and are labeled with a number

You can either put a little sticky on what exposure you want scanned. Here's what I mean...

Place a sticky on the negative you want scanned
Place a sticky on which negative exposure you want scanned

Or you can go write down which exposure you want scanned. Here's an example...

You can write down the exposure number and let me know which you want scanned
Write down which exposure you want scanned, and I'll follow your instructions exactly

4. Remember, You Don't Pay For Scans You Don't Want

I think the best way is for me to scan them all. And give you a folder of “Rejects”. And the ones worth keeping, I scan them at full resolution, and take the time to fix them in Photoshop.

It's important to me that I maintain the integrity of your scans. What I mean is, even blurry negatives might have sentimental value to you. But I understand they're probably not worth spending money on.

That's why I have a “Rejects” folder. And that's why I don't charge you for them.

The scanning part is easy. It's the fixing in Photoshop that takes most of the time. So giving you a Rejected folder at no charge makes sense.

5. Ready? Want To Drop-Off Your Negative Scan Project?

Come on over! I'm normally scanning from 8am – 4pm, Mon - Fri. If you need to drop off your scans in the evening or weekends, we can arrange a time.

I also offer pick-up services. Email me and we can talk about a pick-up time.

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Thanks for dropping by!

- Konrad Michniewicz