How To Ship Your Negative Film Safely To ScanCanada

If you follow these safe shipping tips, your negatives will arrive safely – guaranteed.

Here are the details..

1. Shipping Tips – Don'ts

  • Do not use a shoe box to put your negatives in – they are not sturdy enough
  • Do not use any news papers to pack your slides – your negative film likes to attract pulp and debris off the news paper
  • Do not forget your name and address! I have 7 boxes of scan projects with no name on them just sitting there because I have no way to contact the person who sent them to me

2. Shipping Tips – Dos

  • Keep your negatives in their original sleeves or envelopes
  • Pay extra so you can track your package -- I will be happy to reimburse you for the extra cost
  • The safety of your negatives is more important then saving a few bucks
  • Got a package from Amazon? Those boxes are great to use to ship your negatives
  • Use zip lock bags to group any loose negatives
  • Label boxes, zip lock bags, carousals – your digital images will be named exactly as the originals so you can easily find them on your computer

3. Here Are Some Good Examples...

Use a box designed to ship negatives...

When shipping your negatives, use a box designed for shipping
Use a box designed for shipping... and I'll be happy to reinburse you for any shipping costs

Zip lock bags are a great way to protect your negative film...

Put your negatives in a zip lock bag.
Put your negatives in zip lock bags to protect them from debris

Put loose negatives in envelopes, or in a zip lock bag...

Keep loose negatives in their envelopes
It's best not to touch loose negatives... so keep them in their envelopes

Label the envelope and I'll save your files with the same name...

Label envelopes and I'll save your negative scans by the same name
Keep your negative scans organized by labeling the envelopes or sleeves

You don't have to, but here's a very organized method

A well organized negative scan project
A well organized negative scanning project

4. Ready To Ship?

Click here to email me and I'll give you more info on your next step.

Thanks for dropping by!

- Konrad Michniewicz