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Discover Old Images Of Your Childhood By Scanning Your
Mom's And Dad's Slides And Negatives Into Digital

What was it like growing up in your childhood home? Did you inherit your parents slides? Did you have a lot of negatives from when you traveled the world in your 20s? Here are 3 ways I can help you with your scanning project...

slide negative photo scanning guide

If You're Researching Slide & Negative Scanning Services
Read This Consumer Awareness Guide
& Make A Smart Buying Decision

After reading this consumer guide to scanning services, you'll learn...

What a $0.25 cent scan looks like vs. a $2.00 dollar scan

How to see through marketing claims, and compare prices and services for yourself

Dangerous tricks some scan companies use to squeeze as much profit out of you as possible

3 Red flags that you should watch out for so you avoid dealing with untrustworthy scan companies

3 Recommendations on how to find a scanning company you can trust

How to get free trial scans so you can decide if you want to invest your money or not

Remember, you're going to get scanning done once. And one day you're going to give these scans to your grand-kids.

So if you don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and end up paying for low quality scans, then keep reading...

Compare A 25 Cent Scan Vs. A 2 Dollar Scan

I don't want you to get tricked into paying for a 25cent... then to be disappointed when you open up your digital images and they look worse than the originals.

That's why I want you to have a look at the comparison below.

Slide scan edited with scanning software vs. scan edited in Photosohp

My goal is to make sure you know what you're paying for. And the problem is, some scan companies use dirty marketing to make their cheap-o scans look beautiful.

But why can't a scan company give you both cheap AND quality scans?

Let me show you...

Mass Produced... Cost Savings... Factory Scans

If you understand how scan companies cheat and use cost saving techniques, you'll be able to weed them out. And that will save you from paying for scans that look worse than your originals.

What do I mean?

If you've ever tried scanning, you know how frustrating slow it is. It could take you 8 hours just to scan maybe 100 negatives or slides.

And for a company to scan 100 slides in 8 hours, means they are making $3 bucks an hour. Time is money.

But there is a way to scan 1000 in 8 hours. By using factory presets that came with the scanner, all the company has to do is press a few buttons... and presto.

That's great... right? You can get both quality and speed? But like most marketing, it's BS.

Let's dig in and see how shady it can get...

How Factory Scan Software Ruins Your Digital Images

All scanning software have some sort of dust and scratch removal. This is great becasue it makes it easy for the user to press a button and the maching fixes the rest.

Except, when you're a professional scanner, this cost saving quick-fix isn't good enough.

Have a look...

Slide scan edited dust removal vs natural scan edited in Photoshop

As you can see, the scanning software did remove dust and scratches... and did made the entire image look blurry! That's because it applied dust removal on the ENTIRE image. The second image was a natural scan (no dust removal) and then fixed it in Photoshop.

It's better to scan slides or negatives without any edits. Meaning, NO quick fixes like dust removal and colour fix, etc. It's better to get a "natural" scan and fix it in software designed to fix digital images.

The Right Way To Fix Scans – Photoshop Finish

Check out this quick video of how I fix slide and negatives using Photoshop...

Professional photographers, graphic designers, and artists use Photoshop to fix digital images. So why don't scan companies?

Time is money. If a scan company can press a magic button on the scanner, and pump out 1000 scans in 8 hours, then it's worth it.

If they have to sit there and spend hours twiddling with Photoshop to get you better quality scans, than... no way... it's not worth it.

So why should you care about how your scans are fixed?

The Danger Is That You Think You're Paying For Photoshop Scans But You're Not

It's easy for a scan company to promise “low low price” and give you “quality scans”. And their website and marketing make it look like you're getting both.

But in reality, there is no magic button.

What you save in costs, you'll pay in quality. That's because today's scanning software isn't good enough. You can't press a few button and expect the machine to do all the rest.

That's why Photoshop is still the most used digital editing software. Why would scan companies not use it? Because it takes too long to fix scans. And time is money.

Three Red Flag Warnings You Should Watch Out For

It's easy for anybody to put up a website and promise you low prices and quality scans. But it's harder to deliver that promise. So here are some shady tricks insecure scan companies try to pull off...

Red Flag #1: When do you pay?
Imagine sitting down at a restaurant, and you get the bill before you get your food?

It makes you think they are hiding something, hey? If scan company makes you pay right away, they too, have something to hide. It's probably because they can't deliver what they promised you.

Red Flag #2: Your slides and negatives are being shipped to India.
There's nothing wrong with outsourcing. But the danger is when the scan company doesn't tell you this upfront.

Yeah, they tell you on their website that they process your scans in Idea. But this critical detail is buried, hidden so you don't find out.

Red Flag #3: How do they fix your scan?
Do they use factory scan software (Digital ICE, Silverfast, Color fix, ect.)? Or do they use Photoshop to fix your digital images?

Again, what's important to you? If you're aware how they fix your scans, great. But it's easy to get tricked with cleaver marketing promising you quality scans... but after you've paid, you realize your digital images look worse than the original slides and negatives.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Three Recommendations To Help You Hire A Scan Company You Can Trust With Your Slides and Negatives

Recommendation #1: What Do You Want?

Maybe you just need quick, cheap scans? And you don't mind fixing them yourself? Maybe you want a professional scans, and you have the time and money to invest in getting the best possible service. Or maybe you don't need a service? Maybe you can save thousands of dollars, and this could be a DIY project?

I'm asking you to decide what you want because there are different types of scan companies. Some companies focus on speed and not quality. Some focus on quality but take longer.

So, what's important to you?

Recommendation #2: Get Samples Before You Commit To Scanning All Your Slides and Negatives

Remember, your pictures are priceless. Taking the time to see sample scans will ensure that you hired a company you can trust. By doing this, you are making them WORK for you.

A professional company will offer you FREE samples. They have nothing to hide. They want to prove to you that you'll get exactly what you pay for.

If they don't offer free sample scans, then just send 10 pictures. But don't tell them what you're doing. If your 10 scans suck... well, it's better to lose $10 than $1000.

Recommendation #3: Get A Quote And A 100% Guarantee In Writing

A quote is a good idea because it will give you assurance that you won't get any surprise charges later. But any company can give you a quote...

So get a guarantee in writing. Make sure that the guarantee states that if you don't like ANY scans, that they will give you a full refund, or try to re-scan them.

The guarantee should be as simple as that. Again, a professional company has nothing to hide. They will always back their services with a guarantee. Most companies don't do this because they want to grab your money upfront, and hope you don't come back and complain.

Your Next Step -- Options To Help You With Your Scan Project

Hey, my name is Konrad and I've been scanning professionally since 2005.

My specialty is in slides and negatives.

And I've scanned for multimillion dollar companies, book publishers, art galleries, a professional CFL photographer, and thousands of families like yours and mine.

I'm telling this because I have 3 options for you to help you with your own slide or negative scanning project...

Option 1. How To Scan Your Own Slides, Negatives, Photos – FREE Scan Tips

You've tried scanning, but got frustrated? So you're looking for a scanning services now? But researching scan companies, you find it's not feasible right now?

What if I showed you my scan secrets? What if I could teach you some tricks to help you be more efficient and not waste time trying to figure it out? If you're up for the challenge, check out...

My tips and advice is all free. And you can email me anytime you get stuck... I'll be glad to help.

Option 2: Check Out My Slide and Negative Scanning Prices and Services

For more info on how much it costs to hire me and what you get, please click...

Option 3: Accept My FREE Trial Scans With

I'm inviting you to send 30 of your slides, negatives, or photos for a free trial scan.

Why? Because your images are NOT a commodity. And scanning is a big investment in time and money.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with my team and I before you commit to anything.

I also highly ENCOURAGE you to do this with other scan companies, too. Sound good?

Enter your name and email below, and click the submit button. I'll email you back and give you info on your next step!

Yes! I'm Excited To Get A RISK FREE Trial Scan

I understand that I'm not obligated in any way, and that...

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I will get a secure link to view and download my scans and slideshow

I get to watch my scans and slideshow with my family

And if I LOVE my scans, I will send the rest

If not, I can keep my scans -- at no cost

All my originals are returned to me

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